Why You Always Feel Stupid

So, you're pretty stupid, huh?

Of all there is to know, and despite having an infinite resource of information at your fingertips (the internet, you MORON), you probably only know about 0.01% of all there is to know in the world. And of that 0.01%, half of what you remember is probably complete bullshit that you made up to support other so-called “facts”.

The other half that you do know? It’s useless, because guess what? Most of the world knows all of the colours of the rainbow, what year it is, and who Kim Kardashian is dating. You’re not special, bud. Not even close.


And that’s the point of this post. You’re stupid, just like everyone else.

Well that wasn’t very nice. But let me explain.

Despite my cocksure attitude, I am among those that constantly feel stupid. Even as I write this article I know I’m a dimwit, because there are a million people out there reading this with more expertise in a million other ways than I’ll ever be able to comprehend. Still, I strongly believe that I do have the authority on feeling like a dumbass. So listen up.

As a warm-up, let’s start with . . .

Situations Where Every Human Being Feels Stupid

A) You’re sitting down at the bar with a group of friends and, as you move the conversation away from the comfortable courtesies, it meanders toward some sort of intellectual discussion. Except you didn’t direct the conversation, and you become completely lost as two or three of your friends start discussing something you don’t understand. You feel stupid.

B) You watch the first and second seasons of Mr. Robot and you love it. You then realize you were fooled and mindfucked to death and you understand nothing. You feel stupid.

C) You’re in college, and at the end of the semester the professor speaks to the class like you should know everything that he’s been blustering on about for four months. There are two or three students in the front row that really seem to have a grasp on the material, judging by how much they speak up in class. You feel stupid.

D) You listen to anything Neil Degrasse Tyson has to say. You feel stupid.

E) You leave the house. You feel stupid.

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Feeling Stupid

The definition of stupid is:

When you don’t know jack shit about anything and you feel exactly like everybody else.
— Ghandi

The world is moving at an incredible pace. Self-driving cars are on the horizon, virtual reality is here, we have fucking robots doing backflips, and cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, is taking off, making a few lucky jack-offs really rich and making the rest of us feel stupid.

Depicted above: Your average beneficiary of Bitcoin. I'm not sour about it at all, I swear.

Depicted above: Your average beneficiary of Bitcoin. I'm not sour about it at all, I swear.

Most of us don’t understand how any of these things work, let alone those everyday things we’ve taken for granted; like how our phones work or how the hell Amazon ships something from India and has it on our doorstep in Indiana the next day. But that’s okay – no one else knows how these things work either. And if they say they do? I guarantee they only know a part of the truth, so fuck em.

The only real truth is that we, as individual human beings, know nothing. All the time, people present themselves as more knowledgeable about certain topics than they really are, just like you do, and all you need to remember to live a happy life is that most people don’t know a whole lot about anything. The sooner you come to this realization, the more accepting you will be of others when they sound stupid, or when they’re trying to work out something they don’t fully understand right in front of you. We all do it. Lay off and let their brain work, and silently appreciate the fact that they have the confidence to display their stupidity directly in front of you. Strive to be that stupid.

Why Feeling Stupid Is Actually Important

Imagine you’re sitting down with friends for a few beers, and a topic of conversation comes up that you don’t understand. It’s over your head, you’ve never really put any thought into it, and as they natter on and on about it, you feel stupid.

This is the moment you should have been waiting for, but instead you decide to either veer the conversation back toward your own comfort zone, or you try and add something to the topic without having a damned clue what you’re talking about.

If you’re a person that does the latter, then you fall right into my Top Ten Worst Kinds of People list. So fuck right off, and promptly sit on a carrot.

Do not pretend to know what you’re talking about. This tactic is what I politely refer to as “Ultimate Stupidity”, and it’s irritating, pointless and people will be able to see through your thinly-veiled bullshit. Instead of displaying your Ultimate Stupidity, just be plain stupid like everyone else and take this opportunity to learn something.

Ask questions. Use your lack of knowledge on any given subject to make someone feel better about themselves, because nothing feels better than to be able to impart one’s expertise unto someone they respect. And if they won’t let you be an active participant in the conversation? Grab them by their testicles and make them respect you.

Or just grab your own and make them watch. #POWERMOVE

Or just grab your own and make them watch. #POWERMOVE

Asking questions, rather than pretending to know everything, is a display of humility, which will make you more likeable and will garner the respect of your peers. Humility, loosely defined in this context as the ability to admit you’re not the fucking king of the world, is also the first step on the path of learning. 

But . . . 

This doesn't mean that you can use everyone else in your life as your sole resource for learning.

Ultimate Stupidity is also the act of being lazy and never applying yourself to anything. While everyone is most definitely stupid and feels that way almost all of the time, it motherfucking behooves you to learn everyday, so that you can be that friend at the bar that imparts their own knowledge for the betterment of everyone. Instead of constantly miring yourself in social media, porn, getting drunk, getting pussy, whining about not being intelligent, and whining about being bored, go and fucking learn something on your own and apply that hunk of grey matter to something useful. You’ll be someone people want to be around, you’ll attract more partners, and your mental health will thank you for it.

It's also important to remember that as a species combined we are not stupid. It’s the reason we have the amazing world that we do today. We put our collective ability to problem-solve, to science things (see I’m a fucking idiot), and to expand our knowledge. Did you know that they constantly have to re-calibrate IQ tests every ten years to make them harder because people are getting smarter and smarter all the time? That has nothing to do with the work of individuals. That’s due to collective intelligence, and we’re all players in that game.

And besides, you should be jacked that you’re stupid! It means there’s so much out there for you to learn and enjoy. You get to choose what you want to learn, and this reality simply wasn't the case a few generations ago. For example, if you’re reading this, you likely weren’t born on a farm, isolated from the world, forced to marry your third cousin to keep the family name alive, with a limited world of information that mostly involved different types of plows and manuals on how to milk things. You have the literal fucking world at your fingertips.

Oh, you mean THAT third cousin? 

Oh, you mean THAT third cousin? 

In essence: Do your part and always strive to learn; even if you feel like a complete fucking dummy every day of your life (just like everyone else).