Guest Blog: Harm Reduction

Welcome to the first ever Guest post on Dustin Does, where my friends and acquaintances make my life easier for doing all the work for me.

Today, I feature my friend Jill Tkachuk, your friendly neighbourhood Superwoman and an advocate for Harm Reduction services. She's witty, hilarious and has a vagina, so this should be interesting. Do enjoy!

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Well, I'm unemployed. And I planned it. Now what's next? 

Adventure? Travel? New Friendships?

. . . Rock bottom? 

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The Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers have made the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and my life is falling apart one hockey game at a time. If my team keeps winning I'm going to wake up sometime in June physically, emotionally and sexually crippled in a Whyte Ave gutter.

But you can help, dear readers. Find out how!

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