Guest Blog: Harm Reduction

Welcome to the first ever Guest post on Dustin Does, where my friends and acquaintances make my life easier for doing all the work for me.

Today, I feature my friend Jill Tkachuk, your friendly neighbourhood Superwoman and an advocate for Harm Reduction services. She's witty, hilarious and has a vagina, so this should be interesting. Do enjoy!

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Men & Sexual Assault

Alright, I’m about to dive head first into a shit storm, all the while ignoring the big, billboard-sized neon sign that reads “DON’T DO THIS.” But I do feel compelled as I’ve yet to see a male on my Facebook timeline, or otherwise, voice an opinion on the serious matter of sexual harassment and assault. 

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Tales of Tinder: The One That Got Away On Me

Welcome to Episode 3 of Tales of Tinder, the feature where I bring you the inside scoop on my dating life and the hilarious, oftentimes, pathetic experiences I get myself into. 

However, ladies and gents, this one takes the cake.

No, I mean, she literally took the fucking cake.

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The Princess Bride

I imagine many of you who made it this far are thinking: “Oh great, another dipshit getting all nostalgic about his childhood movies.”

Sorry, this wasn’t a childhood movie of mine. I wish.

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